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Assphalt Acres Nicoal


  • DOB: August 16, 2006
  • Black (no visible cross/stripe) 34″
  • MDR # 49711   *Microchipped
  • Sire: The Elm’s King Coal 32″ Black with cross
  • Dam: Fisher’s OoBoo  33 1/4″ Black no visible cross/stripe

We were so excited when Steve and Jill Crim offered us Nicoal to add to our herd foundation! We were so impressed with her great stocky and solid build and her even better looking backside! She had great conformation, an impressive pedigree and her color….WOW…under one of the thickest weanling winter coats I’d ever seen ……she was so BLACK! Nicoal has grown into a beautiful mature breeding jennet and has lived up to her promising expectations!!!! She is a real asset to our breeding program now and most of all she has personality plus!

Nicoal gave birth to a very handsome little jack Cabinwood’s Nicholass, a black jennet foal Eleanor, a spotted girl Millie and another spotted girl Cattie Marie and now a brown beauty Colorado Carolyn!


Cedar View Miss Maggie


Miss Maggie (1 of 1) (Medium)

DOB: August 7, 2011

Black NLP  No visible cross/stripe

MDR # 62323 *Microchipped   30″

Full Pedigree

Sire: Cedar View Clyde 30″ black NLP
Dam: GRN AKRS Lavern 32″ dk brn NLP

While looking for a companion and friend for my ivory weanling Lady Alexandria, I ran across this little jennet for sale in Pennsylvania! Wow! What a little beauty she is and we are thrilled to add her to our Cabinwood donkey family!          

MaDSC_0244 - Copy (Medium)ggie’s first foal is Cabinwood’s Mary Jane at Sunrise and 2017 a gorgeous boy Cabinwood’s Sidney

Cabinwood’s Julia Bean



DOB: July 27, 2012

Very dark brown  22 1/2″ @ birth     33 1/2″

MDR# 63291  *Microchipped

Sire: Dogwood Hills Smokin’ Bandit  dk brown MSF  (poss. ivory carrier)

Dam: Furball Acres Jelly Bean-dk brown/white spot no visible cross/no stripe/Ivory Carrier


Julia Bean gave birth to her first foal on Mother’s Day of 2016- a dark brown/white spotted jennet named Cocoa Bean and a very dark brown jack foal in August 2017. His name is Cabinwood’s Joey’s Surprise.

Cabinwood’s Eleanor



DOB: March 8, 2012

Black no visible cross/stripe  32 3/4″

MDR# 62729 *microchipped

Sire: Furball Acres Jokers Wild   31 3/4″ Very very Dk brn no cross/stripe (ivory carrier)

Dam: Assphalt Acres Nicoal  Black, no cross/no stripe


Eleanor is a third generation living here at Cabinwood Farm! We purchased her Dam Assphalt Acres Nicoal as a weanling and then just this year (2012) we also purchased her Grand-dam Fishers Black OoBoo. Each of those purchases was to acquire good solid lineage that we felt an asset to our solid color and ivory program and could build onto and develop our own line here at the farm. Eleanor is the result of those plans!! She is the product of our Ivory carrier jack Jokers Wild and hopefully someday we will know if she too carries the ivory gene. We are excited to be able to keep Eleanor and watch her grow into hopefully a beauty like her dam and grand-dam!

13000613_10207759741943275_84210393_o (Medium)

Eleanor gave birth in April 2016 to her first foal Cabinwood’s Rosalynn and her second foal in August 2017 Cabinwood’s Sudden Sam!

Cabinwood’s Rebecca   

DOB: April 6, 2013

Extra dark chocolate brown MSF blaze face/2 white socks   22″ @ 2 days old

MDR#  64050 *Microchipped   Full Pedigree

Sire: Dogwood Hills Smokin’ Bandit

Dam: Double N Royal Klass

Rebecca gave birth to her first foal in August 2017. A jack named Cabinwood’s Jacob

 Millie (1 of 1) (Medium)

Cabinwood’s Good Morning Millie

DOB: May 10, 2013

MDR# 64049  30″ on Jan 2016  *Microchipped  Brown and white spot/blaze face  black spot on lft rear

Sire: Dogwood Hills Smokin’ Bandit

Dam: Assphalt Acres Nicoal

   Millie2 (1 of 1) (Medium)

Cabinwood’s Almond JOY


DOB: October 5, 2014

MDR# Pending

dark brown and white spot  21 1/2″ @ birth  31″ 8/28/16

Sire:Dogwood Hills Topper 

30 1/4″ Brown and white Spotted Ivory carrier

Dam:SWR Hershey Kiss

32.5″ Dark Brown NLP/Ivory Carrier

Cabinwood’s Future Breeding Jennets


Cabinwood’s Colorado Carolyn

  • DOB: August 3, 2016
  • MDR# pending   very dk brown
  • Sire: Furball Acres Jokers Wild
  • Dam: Assphalt Acres Nicoal


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