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Ivory Donkey Genetics

(by Connie Bonczek of Furball Acres)



Ivory Donkeys of Cabinwood Farm


Furball Acres Mon Ami – “Ami”

  • DOB: April 16, 2008  31 1/4″ Blue-eyed white (Ivory)
  • MDR #53351   *Microchipped
  • Sire: Lil’ Longears Casper  Blue-eyed white (Ivory)
  • Dam: Furball Acres Snowflake Blue   Blue-eyed white (Ivory)

Several years ago when I first became interested in the ivory donkeys I put myself on as many waiting lists as I could find for an ivory foal. Two years later I received my very first call from Furball Acres that I had finally moved to the top of the list and there was a baby girl born if I wanted her!!!!! Mon Ami was well worth the wait!!!! She was tiny, full of energy and just down right beautiful!!

Many, many thanks go out to Connie Bonczek at Furball Acres in South Carolina for all her guidance and support as I’ve slowly been building up my ivory breeding herd. Mon Ami is a wonderfully conformed jennet and I am honored to have her as part of my breeding herd at Cabinwood.

Ami gave birth to a dark ivory jack foal named Michelangelo in 2016 and another jack foal in 2017 named Tom Terrific!!

0105160938f (Medium)


Cabinwood’s Lady Alexandria

  • DOB: April 11, 2011
  • Blue-eyed white (Ivory) MSF (masked spotting factor)
  •  21 1/4″ at birth   30″
  • MDR# 62321  *microchipped
  • Sire: Furball Acres Hand Painted     29″ Spotted Blue-eyed white (ivory)
  • Dam: Furball Acres Jelly Bean     34″ dk brn  /white spotted (ivory carrier)

Alex is our very first spotted ivory jennet born here at Cabinwood and she is also our first ivory foal born out of an ivory carrier dam bred to an ivory sire. Her Dam Jelly Bean is near and dear to our hearts which makes Alex very special to us, too! She is a tiny girl so far very much like her sire Hand Painted and we are very excited to keep this little girl for our future breeding program.

Lady Alexandria is named after my oldest granddaughter Alexandria Bennett !!

Cabinwood’s Ivory Future!


Cabinwood’s Lady Malinda

  • DOB: May 11, 2014
  • MDR# 65002
  • Spotted blue-eyed white (ivory)  19 1/4″ at birth
  • Sire: Dogwood Hills Topper     30 1/4″ Brown and white Spotted Ivory carrier
  • Dam: Cabinwood’s Lady Pearlina     31 1/2″ Blue-eyed Ivory

Lady Pearlina gave us her first foal on Mother’s Day 2014.  This gorgeous spotted blue-eyed ivory jennet sired by our ivory carrier jack Topper. Her name is Cabinwood’s Lady Malinda named after my Great Great Grandmother Malinda Roland Redding!

If you would like to be on our “List of Interest” just email us at cabinwoodfarm@gmail.com and give us your name and contact information along with the type of interest you have (breeding, jacks, jennets, foals, adult, companion) We will contact all those interested when we have any ivory events to report such as births of ivory/carrier foals or donkeys of different ages we might have for sale in the future.

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